Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care

Providing Support for You and Your Child

Our inter disciplinary hospice team consists of physicians, nurses, child life specialists, social workers, nursing aides, chaplains and volunteers. They are all skilled in their professions to give personalized care with a compassionate hand.

Our medical directors and pediatric nurses will provide clinical expertise, including pain and symptom management to give comfort to the patient.

Our social workers will visit with you to offer support. They can listen to concerns, help sort through emotions and resolve feelings of conflict that is hard to verbalize. They are skilled in pediatric psychosocial issues.

The chaplain can serve as a spiritual counselor to the child and family. They can coordinate visits with your clergy to provide additional support.

Our trained volunteers can visit your child and siblings to give the caregiver a needed break.

The Hospice Team will educate the caregiver and family on:

  • What to expect with your child’s diagnosis and prognosis
  • How to cope and care for your child at home with proven techniques
  • How to effectively utilize medical equipment and medications provided through our service